Frequently Asked Questions

OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

1. How do I sign in to get an account ID? Why do I need one?

The first time you launch the game, you’ll get a message advising you to sign in to a service. Currently you can choose between your Google account or Facebook account.

There are 2 benefits to signing in:

  • Restore Purchases: If you uninstall the game or switch devices, simply sign in to the service you selected and all your purchases will be restored. Without signing in, purchases made before may be lost, so this is highly recommended.

  • Cloud Save: You can save your current progress to the cloud to prevent data loss in case of any accident. For details on how to use cloud save, please check question 5 below.

If you selected “Maybe Later” when asked to sign in, you can always do so in the options menu.

2. I want to sign in, but the game gets stuck at “connecting”.

If you’ve waited for at least 3 minutes, and made sure your device is connected to the internet, the reason might be because Google Play Games has not been enabled on your device, has not been updated, or is being blocked by another app.

To fix this, please quit the game, and try the following solutions:

  • Go to system settings, and look for Google Play Games under you apps management section to make sure it has been enabled.

  • Launch the Play Store app and search for Google Play Games to make sure that it is installed and up to date.

  • Check if your device has any security function or app that blocks other apps and make sure the Google Play Games app is not blocked.

Once you complete these steps, launch the game and try to sign in again.

3. I want to use something that requires a connection, but I keep getting a message saying “connection error”.

The following functions require a stable connection:

  • Signing in to link an account

  • Uploading/downloading a cloud save

  • Purchasing ingame items

If you’re getting multiple “connection error” messages, please check if you have a working internet connection first, then take a screenshot of the message, and fill out the form below, our team will get back to you asap.

4. I lost my purchases after resetting/reinstalling the game.

If you purchase something while you’re not signed in, you’ll get the following message:

NOTICE: You are currently playing as a guest. Be aware that if you uninstall the game, your purchases may be lost! We highly recommend signing in to keep your purchases backed up.

If you cannot restore a purchase made while you were signed in, please use the form below and provide your account ID or purchase receipt. We’ll have things fixed asap after we check for matching purchase records.

5. What’s cloud save for?

If you want to uninstall the game or switch devices, but don’t want to lose your progress, you can use cloud save.

If you’re signed in, a “Cloud Save” button will appear in the options menu, which allows you to choose between “Upload the save I have now”, and “Download my old save from the cloud”.

  • “Upload the save I have now” backs up your current progress to the cloud.

  • “Download my old save from the cloud” replaces your current progress with a backup from the cloud (if one exists).

Please note that only one save can exist in the cloud at any given time. Uploading your current save will replace the one in the cloud.

If you wish to switch devices, you can upload the save on your current device, and install the game on your new device, then download your save from the cloud.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

1. I lost my purchases after resetting/reinstalling the game.

Don’t worry, your purchases aren’t gone! The game just needs to retrieve your purchase records after it resets.

  • If you’re an Android user, opening up the ingame shop should restore your purchases automatically.

  • If you’re an iOS user, scroll to the bottom of the ingame shop and tap “Restore Purchase”.

Please note that you must have a working internet connection to do this.

2. I pressed “Restore Purchase”, but nothing happened!

Depending on your device, please make sure you are logged in to the App Store or Google Play, before trying the steps mentioned above.

If that does not work, please fill out the form below, and our team will try to reach you asap.