【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌48%】這究竟是個什麼樣的故事? So what IS the story?

【Heaven開發日誌 48%】
這究竟是個什麼樣的故事? 角色們來到了冬雪覆蓋的廢棄工廠,打算要做什麼呢?男主角約翰說的台詞,又意味著什麼?跟隨他們的步伐探索Heaven的世界,尋找相關的蛛絲馬跡吧。


[Heaven Devlog 48%]
So what IS the story? Our characters stand beheath a factory covered in winter snow, what are they planning to do? What does John, the main character, mean by his words? Follow their steps to explore the world of Heaven, and find out what awaits them.

【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌45%】乘載使命的廢棄工廠 A factory that carries a purpose

【Heaven開發日誌 45%】乘載使命的廢棄工廠

[Heaven Devlog: 45%] A factory that carries a purpose
The snow gently covers what seems to once be a factory of importance. What was it producing, back in the day? As a key location in Heaven, this is a place where our characters will fulfill their mission. What could the mission possibly be?