【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌69%】纏繞腦中的詭譎細語 A head full of strange voices

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【Heaven開發日誌 69%】纏繞腦中的詭譎細語  
           放我自由⋯⋯             只有工廠廢墟找得到      倉儲室         快一點
紅色的屋頂            好痛苦⋯⋯              西北方                   到太空去       ⋯⋯工廠



[Heaven Devlog 69%] A head full of strange voices
       Set me free          red rooftop          ...Northwest...          Hurry up
                       In the factory ruins          pain...            to space...        

“There was only a voice in the beginning, but the numbers grew...” - John, the main character

What're these ghostly voices in his head?


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【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌67%】目前可以公開的角色情報~草稿篇~ Sneakpeek: character sketches

201612211902 char designs.png

【Heaven開發日誌 67%】目前可以公開的角色情報~草稿篇~

[Heaven Devlog 67%] Sneakpeek: character sketches
Recently we’ve started working on character designs! Here are a few silhouettes and faces, both of which are important in portraying a character’s personality. Which ones do you like?


【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌65%】踏上夢想的探勘之旅 Scavenge to fulfill a dream

【Heaven開發日誌 65%】踏上夢想的探勘之旅


[Heaven Devlog 65%] Scavenge to fulfill a dream
Walking in a barren world, exploring mysterious landscapes, picking up items covered in snow. You'll slowly uncover hidden secrets one after another.

This time, a bigger and greater adventure awaits you, could you find the relation between the things you've encountered and fulfill your mission?

【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌63%】透過音效,聽見一整個世界 Audio: hearing the whole world

【Heaven開發日誌 63%】透過音效,聽見一整個世界

樂師:Triodust/歌名:Don't Leave Me Alone

[Heaven Devlog 63%] Audio: hearing the whole world
A gust of wind blows through the trees and leaves rustle; A creature flaps its wings and flies away. What is that sound that gradually comes closer, and what is it doing exactly?

We always value sound in games a lot, and this time we’ll use them to create a vivid world in hopes of bringing you a one of a kind lifelike experience! What do you feel after hearing these sounds?

Music by Triodust Track title: Don't Leave Me Alone

【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌60%】地圖製作中:房子和樹是這樣「長」出來的 Creating the world: How houses and trees were “planted”

【Heaven開發日誌 60%】地圖製作中:房子和樹是這樣「長」出來的


[Heaven Devlog 60%] Creating the world: How houses and trees were “planted”
The world is in 3D now! As the game designer carefully drew through the map, the houses and trees appeared like magic!
Some modifications were necessary when creating the world from a concept drawing; For example, to actually make the player think that they’re climbing a mountain, we actually recreate the height in game to create that depth a 2D drawing cannot portray. Judging from this image, what do you think the game takes place at? #Heaven #SIGONO #TeamSignal


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