OPUS Devlog: 93%


什麼? OPUS 竟然要推出原聲帶!?

說來這次在音樂上可是煞費苦心呢~尤其是樂師 Triodust 大大真是辛苦啦XD,為此我們考慮首次和遊戲一起推出原聲帶!不知道大家會不會感興趣勒?‪#‎希望有興趣的朋友可以按個讚讓我們推測大家的意願大概有多少‬

What? There's gonna be a soundtrack for OPUS?

Although we always make sure to spend time on music, this is our first time integrating it so deeply, thanks to our music guy Triodust. So in hopes of letting everyone enjoy his work outside the game, we've considered releasing the soundtrack along with the game. What are your thoughts? Like this post if you wanna get your hands on some sweet game music!