OPUS Devlog: 95%

說到翻譯不免想囉嗦幾句,相信大家都知道,語言對於媒體的傳播非常重要,然而時常會看見有作品直接使用 Google 翻譯(尤其歐美翻亞洲市場...)。雖然這通常是出於對不同語言缺乏了解,無可厚非,但總是讓人感到心痛,畢竟比起開發成本,翻譯成本相對少很多...可是一旦隨便翻,基本上該國市場根本就判了死刑,這不是本末倒置嗎?(TS表示不解)

TS翻譯補充 ‪#‎說真的除了簡單的辭彙字句外用電腦翻比不翻還糟‬

OPUS multi-language support!
Language is, obviously, integral to communication. The two are practically synonymous. That's why it always pains us to see a badly translated game, even more so when it's clearly done through automated services like Google, because it demonstrates a lack of understanding of language. Apart from short phrases and words, machine translation is, in most cases, flat out wrong, and may be more damaging to your work than no translation at all. So if you ever need to get some multi-language in your work, do try getting a professional translator, you will NOT REGRET.

OPUS will be launched in four languages - English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Each has been translated with the utmost care, and we hope you'll like it!