【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌60%】地圖製作中:房子和樹是這樣「長」出來的 Creating the world: How houses and trees were “planted”

【Heaven開發日誌 60%】地圖製作中:房子和樹是這樣「長」出來的


[Heaven Devlog 60%] Creating the world: How houses and trees were “planted”
The world is in 3D now! As the game designer carefully drew through the map, the houses and trees appeared like magic!
Some modifications were necessary when creating the world from a concept drawing; For example, to actually make the player think that they’re climbing a mountain, we actually recreate the height in game to create that depth a 2D drawing cannot portray. Judging from this image, what do you think the game takes place at? #Heaven #SIGONO #TeamSignal


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