【OPUS在Steam冬季特惠半價中!】[OPUS NOW 50% OFF On Steam Winter Sale]

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冒險小說+宇宙望遠鏡= 讓人耳目一新的遊戲體驗。

[OPUS NOW 50% OFF On Steam Winter Sale]
Wanna take a break for a while? A relaxing journey is now waiting for you! OPUS is 50% OFF during the Steam Winter Sale, so why not buy yourself a christmas gift?

[What are we offering for Steam Winter Sale? ]
*Time: 12/22-1/2   
*50% off OPUS  
*20% off OPUS soundtrack

[What is OPUS?]
OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is a chill, stargazing experience that’s handcrafted for people who enjoy story-driven games and arguing about Pluto.