【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌5%】做遊戲?先從一張紙開始!From paper and wood a new game is born!


So, we're finally working on a new game! Judging from the photos, the game will be made from paper, some bits of wood, and...plastic coins? If you're thinking "Hey, this is a board game!" then you're right, this IS a board game, well, sortof. This is what we like to call a Paper Prototype.

什麼是桌遊?不對,這些看起來像桌遊的東西,叫做紙上原型(paper prototype)!


[What's a Paper Prototype?]
When game designers make new games, they often start by creating a prototype made from cheap materials like paper, cardboard, and small items that are readily available.

[Why not go straight to the computer?]
Despite the wonders of technology, it's still way easier to get ideas and images down on paper, thus making early development fast and cheap.
What's more, you can easily set up a play session with some playtesters so you can get immediate feedback and make direct modifications.




[Recipe for a paper prototype]
Here's what we used for our prototype:

🔸A.Timer: Used for timing play sessions. We simply googled "timer" on our laptop.
🔸B. Random Number Generator: Used for determining results when the game involves chance. We googled for a number generator as well. But you can use dice, or even flip a coin!
🔸C. Paper: Simple and versatile, can be used for maps, interfaces, and even for keeping track of progress
🔸D. Game pieces: For representing the player character, items, or currency. We used plastic coins and bits of wood, but feel free to use anything!

As you can see, getting your first prototype up and running is super easy. Both OPUS and Heaven started off as paper prototypes. So go make a game! And see you next time!