【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌78%】女主角設計流程(中)Female protagonist design process (II)

【Heaven開發日誌 78%】女主角設計流程(中)
幫女主角上色中!角色的配色可不只是憑主觀的直覺喔,看這個配色,大家覺得設計師想要描繪的女主角是(A)神秘的異國少女,還是(B)天真爛漫的森林系少女 啊?

[Heaven Devlog 78%] female protagonist design process (II)
Now we're on to color! Designing a palette is not simply about instincts, color can say very specific things about a character! So what do you think this palette says about this gal?  
A. An exotic and mysterious person of faith.
B. An experience and weather-hardened mechanic