【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌79%】以沈浸為目標的介面 An immersive User Interface

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【Heaven開發日誌 79%】以沈浸為目標的介面
工廠一角,角色正辛苦的打造火箭~為了讓玩家更沉浸於故事劇情,我們試著把介面融入於環境中,這些毀損的機器都是介面的元素喔! 看著這些機器,你覺得該先修哪一個呢?
(A)先修哪個都一樣啦 #工具人表示
(B)好多選擇該怎麼選呢~ #Maker魂燃燒中

[Heaven Devlog 79%] An immersive User Interface
In a factory corner, our character is busy building a rocket. In order to let the players immerse themselves in our story, we try to build our interfaces into the environment, including these broken machines! Speaking of which, what would you prefer to fix first?
(A)Doesn't matter, I fix them all!
(B)Woo! Which one should I pick??