【Heaven Devlog 開發日誌 80%】少女背負古老使命,而你是她不可或缺的助力 An ancient mission, and a helping hand

【Heaven開發日誌 80%】少女背負古老使命,而你是她不可或缺的助力
(B)送靈魂到宇宙?聽起來好可怕⋯ #膽顫心驚

[Heaven Devlog 80%] An ancient mission, and a helping hand
So after we settle on her clothing and color scheme, we go in and refine some details to add visual interest and simplify the animation process! As the chosen one tasked with the monumental mission of sending those who've departed into space, she probably wouldn't mind a helping hand...
(A) I'm ALWAYS happy to help!
(B) Sending dead people into space? Sounds creepy.