【OPUS實體專輯 操刀團隊首度亮相】 The team behind Rocket of Whispers' upcoming CD album


【OPUS實體專輯 操刀團隊首度亮相】
3個平均年齡不到 25 歲的年輕人,他們或許年輕,卻擁有不容忽視的超齡才華。

Triodust / 作曲家
*OPUS: 靈魂之橋&地球計畫配樂與音效設計*
*Indieplay 獨立遊戲嘉年華最佳音樂音效提名*

許家維 / 母帶後製處理
*倫敦 Mersey Ten 大賽首獎* 
*英國 Coventry 電影節 Official Selection*

鸚鵡洲 / 設計師
*IMGA SEA國際行動遊戲大獎最佳美術設計*
*OPUS: 靈魂之橋首波周邊商品設計*



[The team behind Rocket of Whispers' upcoming CD album]
Despite their young age, these 3 budding artists have come together to create this beautifully designed album.

Triodust / Composer
OPUS: The Day We Found Earth & Rocket of Whispers - Composer & Sound Designer
ASUS, HTC, Gogoro & Simple Info - Commercial Composer
IndiePlay Excellence in Audio Nominee

Hsu, Chia-Wei / Mastering Engineer
Golden Globe Red Carpet Live - Composer
Coventry Film Festival Official Selection
Mersey Ten Competition Winner
Youth Film Festival Grande Prize Winner

Parrot / Designer
OPUS: Rocket of Whispers Merchandise - Designer
IMGA International Mobile Gaming Awards SEA Excellence in Art

With our team's combined effort, we bring you this artifact from the world of Rocket of Whispers. We invite you to reexperience the songs of a lost age in high definition audio, and relive the moments this game has brought you.